What is the difference between Core Mathematics & Applied Mathematics? : By Gunjan Khatkar

04 May,2021

As the 10th CBSE and ICSE boards got cancelled now students are in confusion about their class 11th stream selection. among multiple confusions, one of the most common confusion is to choose between core and the applied mathematics.

This article will help the students to understand the basic difference between core mathematics and applied mathematics. we will be discussing the syllabus, applications and career options linked with the CBSE mathematics curriculum.

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) offers multiple subject combination for students moving to class 11th. All a student need to do the proper research on a subject and its future applications. We will be helping you to solve this puzzle of mathematics.

The introduction of mathematics as one of the optional subjects in the CBSE curriculum for class 11th and 12th was done for the students who want to continue with mathematics as per their future career options and interests. A student selected among core and applied mathematics.

Below is the detailed difference between applied mathematics and core mathematics.

Parameters of difference of Core & Applied Mathematics:



1. Core Mathematics: It is the study of topics like number theory, algebra, geometry, and mathematical analysis.
2. Applied Mathematics: It is the application of mathematical methods by various fields such as Physics, Engineering, Medicine, Business, Computer Science, etc.


1. Core Mathematics: Physics, biology, business, economics.
2. Applied Mathematics: Algebra, geometry, number theory, differential or integral calculus.

Career Options:

1. Core Mathematics: Academic institutions and research institutes, aerospace, and transportation equipment manufacturers or service providers, Analytics and forecasting organizations, Chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers, Communications services providers Computer information and software firms, Consumer products companies, Energy systems firms.
2. Applied Mathematics: Accountant, Computer programmer, Engineer, Investment manager, Lawyer, Theoretical mathematician, Numerical analyst.

Difficulty Level:

1. Core Mathematics: Moderate
2. Applied Mathematics: Easy
The difference between Core Mathematics & Applied Mathematics on basis of Topics involved:

Core Mathematics

• Sets and Functions
• Algebra
• Coordinate Geometry
• Calculus
• Mathematical Reasoning
• Statistics and Probability
• Relations and Functions
• Vectors
• Three Dimensional Geometry
• Linear programming

Applied Mathematics

• Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications
• Algebra
• Mathematical Reasoning
• Calculus
• Probability
• Descriptive Statistics
• Basics of Financial Mathematics
• Coordinate Geometry
• Inferential Statistics
• Index Numbers and Time-based data
• Linear Programming
• Financial Mathematics