The best Stream in Class 11- Most common doubts of stream selection & their answers: By Gunjan Khatkar

04 May,2021

With the cancellation of the class 10th boards, the new task for the students is to select the right stream in class 11. There is nothing like good or bad, right or wrong stream it’s all about the selection and the path followed afterwards. By right I mean what a student feels and experience about the subjects.

Stream selection is like ordering ice cream. You may like multiple flavours but you can’t mix them all. All you can do is order the one which you enjoy the most. The very same criteria work for the case of stream selection. Students should sit and analyze all its aspects. There may be some subjects they are not good at but enjoys while studying. Contrary to that there may be some subjects a student is scoring good marks but may not of the curiosity to learn more about that.

This article contains some of the common doubts that the majority of the students face while opting for the stream in class 11th. The stream selection in class 11th is one of the major decisions of life as the coming years will evolve around it.

Let’s discuss few very important doubts and we hope this article will sort all your queries and will help you to make one of the most important decision.

1. I have just passed class 10th. I am confused about the stream selection. What should I do to select the right stream for myself?

Solution: Firstly I would like to mention there is no right or wrong stream. What all you feel is what matters. Something right for you can be wrong for someone else. What all you need to keep in mind that stream selection will be directly proportional to your career and the future. The stream will decide the graduation opportunities’, post-graduation and the never-ending list. Hence the decision must be taken not only wisely but consciously. Factors like your field of interest, your weakness, your strengths, your limits need to be considered before the final decision. Also, you can sit and consider the below points for making the right decision for yourself.

Self Awareness: Sit and analyze about all your interests, likings, weakness strengths, subjects you like or enjoys the most, the time you can devote to strengthen the subjects you are weak at. Also, you can appear in the test for more clarity about your subconscious strengths and weaknesses.

Available subject combination: Give a detailed analysis about the subject combination the school or the institution has. How you will manage to focus equally on all the chosen subjects.

Views of Parents and Teachers: Have a detailed discussion about your planning with your parents and teachers. Parents being the life jackets and teachers being the journey coach will help you to select the best and the right stream for you.

Take the help of the counsellor: The academic counsellors will help to guide you with the available career options linked with the opted stream.

Remember there is no good or bad, right or wrong stream it’s all about going in the direction of your strengths and keeping the efforts to outshine in the chosen stream.

2. I have scored 90% in my class 10 with 85+ plus marks in Science and Mathematics subjects. Should I go for PCM or PCB in class 11?

Solution: Again I will repeat the very same thing scoring and having an interest in a subject are two different things. You may score well in any subject just by following some basic pathways but interest building is a different thing. You may have scored a little less in a subject maybe you didn’t prepare right or maybe be you didn’t write enough but that very same subject always excites you to learn something more about it. This excitement indicates if given the right direction you can not only score well but can also touch some different heights. Both PCM and PCB have their own set of advantages.

PCM: This combination of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics gives you multiple options in terms of higher studies and career. Engineering, LAW (BA LLB), Computer Application Science, Commercial pilot training, Agricultural Science, Forensic Science, Bio-Technology Courses and many more.

PCB: The combination of Physics, Chemistry & Biology is no way less than PCM. It’s a myth that after opting for PCB the only career option is being a doctor. Watch this video and clear all your doubts with the PCB stream.

3. I scored low marks in Mathematics. Maybe I am not good at it what stream should I choose in class 11th?

Solution : Scoring high or low is way different from liking and disliking a subject. A student scores low because of many reasons it may be because of lack of preparation, he/she might have put efforts in the wrong direction or there may be a lack of proper guidance.

Being bad at any subject can be easily improved. Follow the right pathway, understand the concepts, focus more on strategies. What the major concern is to analyze whether that particular holds your interest or not. Whether the student is passionate about learning more about that subject or not.

Sit and analyze whether mathematics holds your liking, what are the career options after that, would the choices be able to make you learn more, analyze your study pattern according to the subject and then go for the final decision of choosing any subject.

4. Is mathematics an essential subject in the commerce stream and what are the career options one can have from the commerce stream?

Solution: As the name itself tells commerce is related to economy, finances, trade and last but not least co-operate world. Every stream has its advantages. The way medical and non-medical streams drills a student’s brain in multiple ways the commerce stream make calculations and finances easy.

The subjects like economics; accounts, business studies and mathematics walk hand in hand. Mathematics plays a vital role in the commerce stream as all the major subjects use some or the other mathematical concepts, not only this but having mathematics in commerce is the mandatory criteria for some good universities, it not only helps you to score big in all subjects but also open doors for multiple career options.

Some of the career options with commerce stream are Chattered accountant, CS, ICWA, B.Com, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Research, Bachelor of Control Research, Bachelor of Financial Markets, Bachelor in Banking & Insurance and many more.

5. Is humanities is a bad stream with very limited career options? Can we have Mathematics as one of the subjects in humanities?

Solution: I may be repeating it for the 100th time that there is no bad or good stream it’s all about how you see that subject. A particular subject may be a wrong choice for you but it would surely be the right choice for someone else. It’s all matter of interest and passion you hold for a particular doing.

If English or maybe Hindi attracts you then you have no idea how deep it can go with its variations in terms of language and literature. If you are fond of human behaviour the psychology can help you learn minute behaviour about living beings.

The subject like mathematics plays a vital role in terms of combination with economics and also plays a major role in daily living hence can be clubbed with any stream.

There are options like studies of language, Indian administrative services, Indian forest services, music studies, social behaviour, public administration, world and Indian history, universe geography and many more.

I would conclude with the line there is good in every bad and there is bad in every good. There is some right in every wrong and some wrong in every right it just how you see it. Choose what’s best for you and bloom like the happiest sunflower!!

Life is just about making choices or decisions and then giving the best you can for the choice made. Give the best shot and see how this beautiful life unfolds!!

Stay positive, stay happy, keep doing good efforts, keep rocking the heights, keep the hopes high, will strong and last but not least have faith in yourself and the timings of god !!